How Miners Are Able To 'Rent Out' Power

One of the most exciting aspects that differentiates Bitcoin Spark is the ability of users to provide processing power to the network.

This is done through the use of an application that will perform processing work in a virtual environment. The application will limit itself on the resources it is able to use on the device and therefore limit the 'mining' capability by default.

The application will require some higher-level device permissions, such as resource management, but will not require access to other permissions, such as media files or phone capabilities.

This 'virtual environment' working within the app ensures no other processes or local files are interacted with on the device.

Mining is recommended on home or business Ethernet/WiFi, unless your mobile plan includes unlimited data at speeds of minimum 50mb/s.

Internet connection is a core part of the data transfer between mining devices and resource requestors. Greater internet capabilities will highly likely produce better mining results.

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