Upon mainnet release, BTCS will be the only initially bridgable asset to the Bitcoin Spark network. The proprietary Bitcoin Spark bridge will contain liquidity pools on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon. Users will be able to bridge their BTCS in from these networks and receive BTCS on the Bitcoin Spark network, and vice versa.

This bridging system will allow the ICO stage to begin on Ethereum and allow for greater access to the Bitcoin Spark network through native BTCS withdrawals on exchanges and through on-chain liquidity on the most used networks. Any assets contained within renounced bridge contracts will be considered removed from deployed network circulation and be considered circulating on the corresponding opposite bridged network.

Ethereum will only have a maximum bridgable supply of 4.3 million tokens, equal to the ICO, to ensure supply remains primarily native once the network is live. Bridge liquidity will be burned slowly once the Bitcoin Spark burning mechanism initiates, to ensure cross-network balance.

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