How the team earns revenue and sustains the project

The team's income share will come from the sources stated in the Revenue Generation page. Mining the network themselves, taking a small share from part of the ‘miner rental fees’, and a share from creating unintrusive advertising revenue through the mining applications, in a similar way to Etherscan.

Core Team Leaders

Steven Kurtz

Steven is a project-driven individual who brings project management skills from the construction engineering world.

Steven works as a contracted construction project manager, recently finishing a six-year dam project in Australia.

His core skills are resource organization and management, compliance process, and critical analysis.

Steven Kurtz is also responsible for talent acquisition.

Dylan Ashford @DylanBTCSpark

Dylan is an app and website developer that has worked on a number of different startups, most recently for an African mobile payments application.

Dylan's experience in producing digital finance products makes him well-suited for driving forward product-centric development projects.

His core skills are debugging and fine-tuning, team delegation, and digital product design.

Dylan acts as head of finances.

Full-time Team Members

These team members are employed on a full-time basis, with no contract end date.

Julio Fernández Sanz -

Marketing Manager & Marketing Lead for Europe and the Americas

Jacques Delacroix -

Marketing Lead for Africa and Asia

Hermann Fuchs

Lead Software Developer

Community Support Staff

Mariya Hernandez -

Lead Administrator

Lorenzo Harding -

Telegram Administrator

Wyatt Mcneil

Website Chat Support

Kathryn Davila Website Chat Support

Contracted Staff

These team members are on time-period, part-time, or project completion-based contracts.

Ashton Saville

Blockchain Developer

Aditya Joshi

Blockchain Developer

Pranav Nair

Blockchain Developer

Narahari Gulati

Blockchain Developer

Bruno Gutierrez

Blockchain Developer

Adam Craver

App Developer

Artyom Ovechkin

App Developer

Alison Thompson


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