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A Look Into The Future Of Bitcoin Spark
Stage 1 - Begin ICO Phase
  • Have Ethereum-based ‘IOU’ token contract created and audited
  • CEX pre-listing agreements
  • Internal stress and load tests of the "Spark" blockchain
Stage 2 - Pre Launch
  • Mining app closed beta release
  • Bug Bounty Program and security optimization of the "Spark" Blockchain
  • Cross chain bridge development
  • Hash rate optimization
Stage 3 - Launch
  • Launch on the Ethereum network with IOU BTCS token
  • Redeem IOU ERC20 tokens for mainnet BTCS
  • Switch all CEX deposit/withdraw to native network
Stage 4 - Post Launch
  • Finalize renouncing of network controls
  • Mining app advertisement space paid in BTCS
  • Stand alone mining devices
  • BRCS-20 Integration on Spark mainnet
  • Become leading Bitcoin alternative
Stage 5 - Beyond The Horizon
  • Solidify placement as leading Bitcoin alternative by securing acceptance into institutional realm of publicly traded ETFs
The above list is a simple and easy to understand overview of the Bitcoin Spark roadmap that encompasses only the key milestones the project will accomplish.