The Solution: Bitcoin Spark

How Does Bitcoin Spark Improve Upon Satoshi's Vision?

Bitcoin Spark contains the same core tokenomics that Bitcoin has, only with an extended time until maximum supply is reached.

1: The transactions per second are significantly improved by decreasing time per block, in addition to increasing the number of individual transaction capabilities per block.

2: By combining a drastically increased quantity of nodes, with a lower initial outlay and running costs, alongside the improvements made in point 1, the fees for using the chain can be significantly reduced in line with the investment made by miners.

3: Anyone Can Mine. This is the Bitcoin Spark ethos. The two-pronged benefit of this is increased decentralization and security alongside a lower barrier of entry for mining.

4: Implementing a smart contract layer seamlessly integrated with the Bitcoin Spark network. There would be a multi-layer system that all reaches finality on the main network but allows for different programming languages to be used for application building. This would require an in-house blockchain explorer until a third party can also realize a solution. The Github for third-party developers will be released shortly after the mainnet launch.

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